IAG’s aircraft sales philosophy:  Let Us Tell Your Story

  • Communication with our seller is equally important as communication with the marketplace.
  • You need to be aware of the market, in real time, and how your aircraft compares with the alternatives.  It is critical to understand how your aircraft appears to the eye of a buyer.
  • Aircraft sales is more than a specification sheet and an asking price.  We work with our clients to develop a narrative and proposition which the market will find compelling and memorable.
  • We do not have multiple layers of sales personnel.  All incoming requests are handled personally by one of our partners.  In this way, we can always be in position to represent the aircraft in a knowledgeable and authoritative fashion.
  • Advertising is important, but a poor strategy yields poor results.  We work with our clients to maximize exposure in new and creative ways to present a fresh approach.
  • Closing a transaction requires experience and judgement.  Our partners have over $6B worth of successful results to draw upon.