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Like boiled eggs, pre-owned airplane deals come in both hard and soft preparations and the difference is really important to understand.   Like a lot of industry lingo, theRead more

With four new listings in the last 35 days, Falcon 2000LXS inventory now sits at seven units. That’s 7.7% of the roughly 90 aircraft delivered and the highest inventoryRead more

Last week, for the first time, a Gulfstream G650 asking price was reduced below the $40M threshold.   While the aircraft in question is not enrolled on an engineRead more

Something about a pre-owned airplane deal tends to bring out the worst in people, like the entrance to the Holland Tunnel at rush hour. You would bazooka an iceRead more

Gulfstream delivered the first G600 last week and Prevailing Market Wisdom suggests used G550s are about to flood the market, crushing values and creating “unprecedented” buying opportunities. From whatRead more

Oh boy!! If you like bizjets, nothing beats a couple OEM marketing departments feverishly chasing esoteric distance records around the world at top-speed with their brand new $70M jets.Read more

The internet says that we keep our cars, careers, houses and spouses about the same length of time. Somewhere between five and ten years on average. Coincidence? Maybe. ButRead more

  If your job has anything to do with aircraft transactions, the new tax bill will ensure you never see your family again during the holidays. When your partiallyRead more

Buying a plane involves spreadsheets.   Data. Justifications. Comparisons. Analysis … Math. We can be forgiven for romanticizing the past – when aircraft financial analysis consisted of two numbers:Read more

What does the iconic intro to Days of Our Lives, one of the longest-running programs in TV history, have to do with selling airplanes? Well, we’re glad you asked.Read more

The year: 1991. We are in Bordeaux, in the heart of French wine country. Still working through the after-effects of a long dinner the night before at L’Entrecôte, weRead more

If you haven’t done so already, please read this excellent opinion piece by Alasdair Whyte on the Corporate Jet Investor website, responding to the recent Financial Times “investigation” intoRead more

Recently Dassault Aviation announced a two-year delay to their Falcon 5X program citing continued problems with development of SNECMA’s Silvercrest engine- a clean sheet power plant and the capableRead more

We continue to hear criticism that certain manufacturers are depressing resale markets with aggressive price discounts on new aircraft. After all, we know that pre-owned values are headed south;Read more

For as long as we can remember, the conventional wisdom has been that pre-owned business jet markets are “normalized” when 10% of the installed fleet is for sale. ApparentlyRead more

The world of private jet charter is a complex beast. We reckon the recent attempts at innovation are a good thing (Stellar Labs, JetSmarter, Stratajet, etc.) and we areRead more

The allure of “Off Market” aircraft is undeniable. That perfect airplane, with the exact configuration and equipment- and only you know about it. It’s tempting to imagine a secretRead more

According to our market tracking, 30% of sellers are making the curious (in our opinion) decision not to place a firm asking price on their listing. By “firm” weRead more

“Predicting is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” – Niels Bohr   “Weather forecast for tonight: dark.” – George Carlin   Residual Values: the Third Rail ofRead more

It’s minutes before departure, and you drop your shiny new FDR in the FBO pay phone to place that one final call before heading out to the aircraft. OnceRead more

Be it real estate, equities or jets, buyers and sellers in second hand markets depend on recent sales data to establish their pricing expectations. But what happens when thereRead more

The pre-owned G650 market enters 2016 primed for a structural shift as 5 brand new 2015 aircraft hit the market in December alone. All within a handful of serialRead more

IAG is proud to be representing this pristine, one U.S. owner, low time 2006 Challenger 300, which offers the best market value amongst its peer group. Purchased new fromRead more

We recently listed Challenger 601-3R Serial Number 5141 for sale at an asking price of USD $2,995,000 which is almost 20% lower than any other offering on the -3R marketRead more

We are proud to be representing the sale of Falcon 900EX Serial Number 18 which should be on the short list of every prospective Falcon 900EX buyer for the following reasons:Read more

IAG is proud to be representing this 2005 Challenger 300 for sale. We think it represents an extraordinary value in the CL300 market and deserves to be on theRead more

Fresh maintenance and superb equipment make this a Can’t Miss Challenger 300 to buy; its pedigree makes it The Challenger 300 to own. What’s more – US based ShearwaterRead more