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Selecting an aircraft can be a daunting process. eValuate360™ is IAG’s proprietary acquisition methodology designed to eliminate bad options and prioritize good ones. Based on a solid analytical framework, eValuate360™ comprises mission analysis, financial modeling, aircraft technical comparison and market pricing surveys to achieve a holistic solution that is both understandable, actionable and defensible.

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  • Your mission is dynamic, changing and nuanced
  • 360Travel™ is dynamic travel model which is customized for your operation:
    • Model the full spectrum of your trips and utilization- distance, payload, airports, utilization and frequency
    • Customize the model with specific missions, airport and range restrictions
    • Simulate the changing nature of your future requirements

360Travel™ allows IAG to develop a robust set of requirements used to benchmark and compare aircraft – customized for you


“Ignoring Risk Doesn’t Make it go Away”
  • 360Capital™ is a risk-based financial model and capital budgeting tool
  • Utilizing Monte Carlo simulation, 360Capital™ looks at all of the variables which will impact your bottom line:
    • Residual Values
    • Inflation
    • Interest Rates
    • Utilization
    • Operating Cost
    • Fixed Cost
    • Taxation and Business Use

Let 360Capital™ analyze your aircraft investment

  • After Tax Net Present Value
  • Compare Finance Packages
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Upgrade vs. Replace
  • Optimal Replacement Window
  • Impact of Charter
  • Optimal Utilization


  • 360Select™ is an aircraft technical comparison process
  • Let IAG crystallize the key differences between aircraft you are examining
  • Customize the analysis based on your priorities
  • Understand technical factors that drive relative value
  • Benchmark against both acquisition cost and investment cost to find hidden value
“IAG’s founding partners are former executives at a major manufacturer. Leverage their experience to ask the right questions when you are selecting an aircraft for your organization.”


  • 360Markets™ is IAG’s proprietary aircraft valuation platform
  • Combining data from both public and private sources, 360Markets™ allows IAG to understand markets in real time
  • 360Markets™ data is only available as a consulting service to clients of IAG
  • Determine the value of your aircraft in real time
  • Review market summaries comparing the key features and values of aircraft you are considering